Our cooler mezzo-climate at the vineyard allows us to grow our varietals such that the delicate fruit and floral nuances can be fully retained without being “burned out” by excessive or prolonged summer heat. Not excessively alcoholic, each wine is styled to highlight subtleties one doesn’t taste when these varieties are grown in warmer climates. All our wines are very light with no wood or malolactic exposure.

Our Chardonnay is slightly sweet with a green apple flavor laced with honey having a delicate apple blossom bouquet.

Our Pinot Gris is styled in a fresh fruit forward format that accentuates the often lost mineral tones of this variety.

The Vin Rose’ is a very provocative blend Of Pinot Noir and Muscat Blanc. Light with Muscat floral overtones built upon a foundation of Pinot Noir.

Harbinger is a red blend wine dominated by Pinot Noir. It’s light drier style is reminiscent of many German and Austrian red wines.


   Houston Vineyard Second Leaf - 1982